This is a potentially harmful situation that could have been foreseen and thus avoided. Here is an example of it in use in an IELTS Speaking part three response

What problems can people have on holiday in a foreign country?

Many big cities that attract lots of tourists also attract the type of people who will take advantage of the fact that these travellers often carry large amounts of money and expensive items like cameras. A friend of mine was recently in Rome on a crowded bus from the airport to the city centre and he had his wallet in his back pocket. It was an accident waiting to happen. It was sadly inevitable that the wallet wasn’t there when he got off the bus. There are also potential communication problems if you don’t make at least some effort to learn some basic phrases in the local language. You could possibly cause offence by appearing to be impolite or get totally lost if you don’t understand directions. Perhaps the most minor problem is that you might order something in a restaurant that you really dislike.