Hello, I’m Charles


I’m a native English speaker born in Nottingham.
I have a Masters degree in Law and Philosophy from the University of Oxford and the Cambridge Certificate of English Language Teaching for Adults.
I first started teaching over thirty years ago and have taught in the UK, Italy, and Portugal. From June to August I am the Director of Studies for Britain’s largest English language summer school at Royal Holloway, University of London. The rest of the time I specialise in teaching English for business and commerce but increasingly I have focussed on the IELTS exam.
I have come to recognise just how important it is. Without good scores in the exam you are denied access to some of the best English speaking universities in the world. The biggest multinational employers and companies require it as do government departments and immigration authorities. Increasingly it is becoming a ‘must-have’ on your CV. 
I really love teaching IELTS because it is immensely satisfying helping people to realise their dreams of studying and working in English-speaking countries.
I would love to help you too so book a free no-obligation consultation now and we’ll chat soon.


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