IELTS Speaking Tuition

Give yourself the best possible chance of success in this challenging module by getting expert help.

Without guidance, it is difficult to assess your current level of speaking and what you need to do to improve. Are you a 6.0 or a 7.5 and how do you get from one to the other in time for your exam? 

Contact me now to arrange a free no-obligation chat by Skype.

I can help you to:
  • Expand your lexical resource. 
    The same themes and topics reoccur in the IELTS speaking exam and I can suggest some of the less common and idiomatic vocabulary you can use.
  • Increase your grammatical range and use more complex structures accurately and naturally.
  • Improve your pronunciation and increase your fluency.
  • learn proven strategies for high scores in the challenging second part of the speaking module.

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